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The Different Types of Boat Hulls

The Different Types of Boat Hulls

Many different types of boats exist, and there are just as many types of boat hulls. Boat hulls come in different sizes, different shapes, and every one of them is a testament to thoughtful engineering.

Despite there being so many different types of hulls, there are two main objectives: displace water or plane on top of it. Within these two types, numerous designs further define the boat and provide additional use.

An example of a boat with a hull designed to push water is a sailboat. They mainly pull heavier loads at slower speeds and move lower in the water. A planing hull, commonly found on smaller boats, revolves around one thing: speed. These hulls assist your boat lift out of the water as it reaches higher speeds.

Here are the ten common types of boat hulls out there:

  1. Displacement Hulls
  2. Planing Hulls
  3. Flat Bottom
  4. V-Bottom
  5. Tri-Hull (Tunnel Hull)
  6. Pontoon
  7. Semi-Displacement Hulls
  8. Multi-Hulls
  9. Catamarans
  10. Trimarans

When it's time to go pick out your boat, consider your primary use for it and let these hulls be your guidance.

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