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Florida Fishing Tide Charts

Florida Fishing Tide Charts

Here in Florida, you likely will encounter fishing around a tide.

There are two main types of tides: An incoming tide and an outgoing tide. Here's some background on both: 

Incoming Tide

Incoming Tide

An Incoming, or rising tide, is said to be one of the best fishing tide times. Water that enters a bay from the ocean can have a lower temperature and have better water clarity than if it was a slack water period. Fish will be on the prowl looking for food during an incoming tideespecially around inshore tidal flats. Look for fish to be moving from deeper water onto the flat with a rising tide.

Outgoing Tide

Outgoing tide

An outgoing tide, or falling tide, will flush bait out into creeks and channels. Inshore structures—such as dock pilings, ramps, jetties, and boulders—will often hold fish during a falling tide. These structures will give predatory fish a secure place to hide and ambush prey as its carried out of the estuary.

Refer to a Florida fishing tide chart to learn the best times to fish in your area.

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