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Accurate Fishing ATD Platinum Reels

Accurate Fishing ATD Platinum Reels

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Designed with Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® feature to deliver smooth, powerful drags, the larger ATD models put out an excess of 100lbs of drag for targeting giant Bluefin Tuna and Marlin. The ATD Platinum TwinDrag® is the Flagship series of the Accurate line. These reels have been internally designed to handle high drag loads by applying even amounts of pressure on both sides of the reel with two synced dogs to provide the ultimate stopping power. The ATD offers a smooth, even drag that is consistent throughout the fight, with little to no start up inertia, eliminating the possibility of high drag spikes when your line comes off of the reel. If you're looking to harness the ultimate stopping power for big game fishing, the ATD is the finest reel on the market of its kind.

Reef & Reel offers a huge variety of reels to cover all of your needs.

Model Weight(oz) Gear Ratio Braid Capacity Inches Per Crank Max Drag
ATD-6 41 5.1:1/2.31:1 450yds/50lb 42"/19" 50+
ATD-12 42 5.1:1/2.31:1 400yds/80lb 42"/19" 50+
ATD-30T 47 4.1:1/1.71:1 500yds/130lb 37"/16" 60+
ATD-30 47 4.1:1/1.71:1 500yds/130lb 37"/16" 60+
ATD-50T 58 3.31:1/1.21:1 600yds/130lb 36"/13" 70+
ATD-50 58 3.31:1/1.21:1 600yds/130lb 36"/13" 70+
ATD-50W 60 3.31:1/1.21:1 750yds/130lb 36"/13" 70+
ATD-80 135 2.21:1/1.01:1 900yds/200lb 33"/15" 100+
ATD-80W 147 2.21:1/1.01:1 1100yds/200lb 33"/15" 100+
ATD-130 192 2.21:1/1.01:1 2000yds/200lb 39"/18" 100+
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