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Make Fishing a Family Affair in St Pete

Make Fishing a Family Affair in St Pete

How to Make Fishing a Family Affair in St. Pete

Most anglers remember when and where they first got hooked on fishing. And in most cases, it was going out fishing with the family when they were kids. These memories are priceless for everyone involved and can set your kids up for a lifelong love affair with being out on the water.

Most anglers are husbands and fathers who would like nothing more than to share their passion with their families, particularly the kids. And while fishing with the kids may not yield the most prized catches, the memories you make are far more important.

How do you make fishing a family affair here on the West Coast of Florida? Glad you asked!

Get Them Interested in Being Outdoors

Too many kids are weaned on kids’ TV programming and video games. And while there’s a time and place for those, kids who actually enjoy being outdoors will be more interested in things you do there, including fishing. Even if you just take sightseeing trips out on the boat at first, instilling a love of life on the water is a pretty good precursor to bringing up avid anglers-in-training.

Keep it Fun

Make and keep it fun, and you’ve got anglers for life. Family fishing time should be about fun, and that means comfort and entertainment when things get boring.

Be prepared with weather gear, snacks, and even a fishing-themed picnic. Revel your family with personal fishing snafus of yore, big fish stories, what kinds of fish and other water wildlife they may encounter and their behaviors. Explain what makes a bait or lure good and what makes it a mistake. Let them have their own poles, even if it’s unlikely they will catch something with it. They can help reel in a catch on yours if necessary. If the fishing isn’t good, you’ve still had the opportunity to get fresh air, sunshine, and instill some great lessons about the natural world around them.

Check Your Expectations at the Dock

You may be a master angler and are happy to spend all day in pursuit of tarpon, but your kids, not so much. They might get bored and restless way before you’re ready to call it a day. If so, cut it short anyway and call it a success. Or bring two vehicles in case one family member needs to take certain young ones home. Any time out on the water is better than none at all.

Focus on the Memories, Not the Fish

You know the old saying, “it’s not about the destination, but the journey.” Well, family fishing may be similarly phrased as “it’s not about the fish, but the memories.” You can catch fish any time, but kids grow up far too quickly, and your time with them is short. You can catch all the fish you want after they’re gone. While they’re here, make it about the quality of the time you share, not the quantity of fish you catch.

Bring the Right Gear

Family fishing doesn’t need complicated gear that requires skilled technique. Pack some simple rods and reels, use some live bait – live bait has its own allure for kids – and just enjoy the time on the water with your family. Once the family gets hooked on the pastime, there’s plenty of time for upgraded tackle and technique. 

Speaking of Gear

Speaking of gear, that’s where we come in. At Reef & Reel, we are the largest fishing outfitter in Pinellas County. Whether you’re headed out for a day of serious kingfishing or just spending some low-key time on the water with the kids, we’re sure to have what you need. Visit our website or come by our store. We’re dedicated to making your family fishing a time to remember for both you and the kids.

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