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Tie a Texas Rig

How to Tie a Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is one of those rigs you have to master if you're a freshwater fisherman. It's an ideal setup for dragging along the bottom of a rocky lake, flipping into sparse cover, and hopping along the bottom of a featureless pond. It's one of those rigs that simply buts fish in the boat when nothing else will.

Here are seven steps to tie the Texas Rig.


Texas Rig Hardware

A wide-gap EWG Offset Worm Hook--#5-6 is standard for most soft plastic baits

A tungsten, or bullet weight

Soft plastic bait

Step 1.

Texas Rig Step 1

Thread your line through the hole of your weight. The picture above shows the correct way to insert your line. You want the wide bottom to be on top of the your hooks eyelet.

Step 2.

Texas Rig Step 2

Feed your line through the eyelet of your hook. Tie your preferred knot, moisten it, and cinch down. Give the line a slight tug to make sure the knot will hold.

Step 3.

Texas Rig Step 3

Next, hold your soft plastic bait upright in one hand, and grab the hook with your other hand. Push the hook point directly through the center of the soft plastic bait. Bring the hook point through the plastic until you reach the bend of the hook and then pull the hook point out of the bait.

Step 4.

Texas Rig Step 4

Guide the bait along the hook shank until it reaches the hook eyelet.

Step 5.

Texas Rig Step 5

I like to pull my soft plastics up over the hook eyelet. Doing this accomplishes two things: It keeps your bait from sliding down the hook shank, and it protects your knot from debris and obstacles that may cause it to fray.

Step 6.

Texas Rig Step 6

Gently, push forward on your soft plastic, center your hook point in the middle of the bait, and push through.

Step 7.

Texas Rig Step 7

Now, your hook will lay flat and aligned with the plastic. Push forward and pull up on the bait to snug it on top of your hook point. This will keep your hook point protected from possible snags.

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