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Register Your Boat in Florida

How to Register Your Boat in Florida

Boating is considered one of the top stress-relieving activities. But, before you hit the water to enjoy all it has to offer, you must make sure you're legally able to do so.

Why You Should Register Your Boat

After you purchase a boat, you must register it. Registration is documentation that shows your boat belongs to you and that it is valid to operate on Florida waters. Additionally, you will need to pay a fee with your registration. This fee helps the state of Florida take care of resources and boating amenities you will use -- boat ramps, public piers, waterways, and other clean-up projects. To acquire a boat registration, go online to purchase a boating license.

Important Boat Registration Information

All vessels used on public waterways with any kind of motor must be titled and registered in Florida.

The purchaser of a new vessel has 30 days to apply for registration and title through the tax collector's office.

If the non-motor powered vessel is less than 16 feet, it is not required to be titled or registered.

Remember, boating is a privilege. Florida has its own set of boating rules and regulations to protect the waterways to keep everyone safe. Responsible boating starts with you!

See you out on the water!

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