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AFTCO American Fishing Tackle Co Face Mask Shield Bug Protection
AFTCO American Fishing Tackle Co Face Mask Shield Bug Protection
Load image into Gallery viewer, AFTCO American Fishing Tackle Co Face Mask Shield Bug Protection
Load image into Gallery viewer, AFTCO American Fishing Tackle Co Face Mask Shield Bug Protection

AFTCO B1G1 Face Mask

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For every Buy 1, Give 1 Mask purchased, AFTCO will donate a mask to an organization in need.

Limit 10 per customer

After the CDC updated their guidance recommending that the public wear a non-medical cloth face covering, AFTCO received an avalanche of requests for our fishing face masks. This opened our eyes to the far reaching need for masks of any type. We also realized there will be a lot of masks that end up in the trash bin when this is all over.

We are in a unique position to address the urgent need for masks while keeping waste at a minimum. Our reusable fishing face masks perform double duty as face coverings and functional UPF 40+ sun masks. This fishing mask includes set of 3 masks, varying in colors depending on current inventory. In addition to selling our fishing masks online at reduced prices in order to get them in hands of the public ASAP, we wanted to go one step further. After looking at many successful 1:1 give-back models, we felt compelled to create AFTCO's own Buy 1, Give 1 Mask Program. Each mask purchased results in a donation to a community member in need.

As we take time to reflect upon what’s ahead, we’re reminded that fishing is America’s true national pastime. We hope that you are taking this opportunity to spend valuable time with your immediate family, on and off the water. Please also remember to practice #ResponsibleRecreation to keep our outdoors open during this pandemic.

Below I have answered some questions that you may have.

AFTCO President Casey Shedd



Buy 1, Give 1 FAQ



Do I need to buy a fishing mask from AFTCO?

NO! Especially if you are buying a mask only for COVID-19. There is no reason to believe that our masks will be better than a free mask you can make at home. Infact, the CDC recommends a tight weave cotton fabric, and there are some studies that suggest the thicker the fabric the more effective it is. Our mask is a fairly lightweight polyester / elastic. 

There are many great resources on this topic, but we’ve found the CDC’s DIY guide to making your own cloth face covering to be a helpful starting place. As a clothing company, we have a lot of in-house sewing knowledge. If you have any questions on a DIY mask please feel free to email Norma Herrera ( She is our inhouse cut and sew expert and will be answering questions as fast as she can.

Where is my "Give 1" donated mask going?

Web sales have resulted in donations to local law enforcement and retirement homes in need. We are currently in contact with our county and city officials to determine additional needs throughout our communities.

We are also making this program available to our wholesalers. We ship the "Give 1" face masks along with their orders for them to distribute in their local communities. They've distributed the fishing masks to essential staff, marine patrol, nurses, first responders and even public employees.


200,000 Face Masks Donated


Eagle Eye Outfitters in Dothan, Alabama distributed masks in their local community


Can I return my purchase?

Due to health concerns, we are not allowing returns or exchanges on face masks. If you are unable to use your mask, please wash it and then donate it to those in need.

What if I have a specific donation need?

We want to hear from you. Please email us at

 Can I buy in bulk?

 As stated above, if you’re an organization that needs a donation, please contact In special cases, we are selling bulk quantities to essential workers and programs at reduced pricing but are evaluating needs on a case by case basis.

Is this fishing mask medical grade or approved PPE equipment?

No. It is not a considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or a particulate filtering N95 medical mask. This fishing mask is not approved by the FDA, NOISH or any other government or regulatory standard.

This primary use is a fishing sun mask. Our recommendation for using it to help slow the spread of COVID-19 is based entirely on our interpretation of the CDC's most recent guidelines. We have done no testing or any other studies on the actual effectiveness of this mask in response to COVID-19.

What else can I do to limit exposure to COVID-19?

Wear mask properly. Make sure any mask that you wear is covering both your nose and mouth. A common mistake is only covering your mouth, but you need cover both your nose and mouth to prevent exposure.

If using a fishing face mask, you might want to consider doubling up the mask material when wearing. Experts are recommending that by doubling fabric on any face covering you can increase your protection significantly in both synthetic materials and cotton.


Double up the material of your mask to increase protection


When wearing the mask on your face, do not fiddle with the mask when out in the public.

No matter what kind of cloth mask you use, when you get home, it needs to be considered contaminated and removed for laundering. After contacting the mask, please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

  • FINAL SALE: Due to health concerns, No Returns or Exchanges
  • Can't use your mask? Wash and donate it to those in need!
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
  • AFBLOCK UPF 40 Sun Protection
  • Flatlock stitching
  • One size fits most
AFTCO Block 40


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